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NEW: Consciousness by Eva Herr

Consciousness the new best selling book by author, speaker, radio show host and Certified Alternative Holistic Counselor, Eva Herr, is available now! The experts agree, read their endorsements below and get your copy of Consciousness today!

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What the Experts are saying about "Consciousness"

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author, The Power of Premonitions &
Reinventing Medicine

"Science grows at the edges, and Eva Herr’s CONSCIOUSNESS is on the edge. This book contains information that will force a re-writing of the textbooks in psychology and neuroscience... Read more

Amit Goswami
Author of The Self-Aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, and Physics of the Soul

"Eva Herr has perhaps written the best introduction to the new developing post-materialist scientific paradigm on consciousness based on quantum physics... Read more

William A. Tiller, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University

"I was delighted to read and recommend Eva Herr's most recent book Consciousness and to find how 10 bright and capable individuals... Read more

Dannion Brinkley
Int'l Best Selling Author,
Saved by the Light &
At Peace in the Light

"Eva has written a book that not only catches the imagination but also defines the issues that are critical in understanding and managing our future. Eva’s book CONSCIOUSNESS is a MUST READ! Read more

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Author, 365 Prescriptions For The Soul & A Book of Miracles

"...I know that consciousness is non-local and exists without the mind-body... Reading this remarkable book can help you to open your mind and learn about the true nature and mystery of life… Read more

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Alan Watts' Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University

"…Eva Herr asks these visionary scientists the exact questions that her readers would ask, and their answers portray a universe more incredible and more wondrous than anything... Read more

Ervin Lazslo
Author, Systems Analyst, Two Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

"Eva Herr’s book CONSCIOUSNESS is the kind of new insight that is so important today. The world is facing a crisis of understanding; a crisis of incoherence and breakdown in ... Read more

What the Experts are saying about Eva Herr

Burton Goldberg
Author, Alternative Medicine
The Definitive Guide

"Eva Herr is an experienced and knowledgeable holistic educator whom I have known for many years. Her encyclopedic knowledge is eye opening and provides useful information that can guide people to... Read more

Mark Neveu, Ph. D.
Vice President, Research and Development,
Neurological Research Institute

"Eva Herr is... a highly knowledgeable health resource… of innovative approaches to healthcare that are used around the world… She is a valuable educator for the average person and the healthcare professional... Read more

It has been said of Eva “As a teacher, few people are as gifted a teacher as this woman. She will bring hope to your future in ways you cannot imagine. She can teach you how to manifest your dreams, raise your consciousness, control your health and change the world around you through the simple raising of your consciousness and implementation of agape, unconditional love for your fellow mankind.”       Roy Scruggs, PhD - NASA Apollo Project

The Eva Herr Show - Saturdays, 8pm EST

Eva Herr, host of The Eva Herr Show on Revealing Talk Radio, is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to alternative medicine and the science of consciousness. She is considered by many to be one of the world’s luminaries regarding the topics of the science of consciousness and holistic healthcare/supplements/anti-aging and other preventive healthcare issues. Eva is the author of the critically acclaimed, and NEW Amazon Best Seller, Consciousness: Bridging the Gap Between Conventional Science and the New Super Science of Quantum Mechanics and Agape, The Intent of the Soul.

Infinite Consciousness with Eva Herr - Sundays, 8pm EST

Eva frequently interviews noted scientist, researchers, authors and luminaries on topics relating to Consciousness. Archived programs are also available for listening anytime. Eva has interviewed some of the most brilliant minds of our time on her program, which frequently addresses the scientific aspect on the controversial issues of consciousness by some of the world's greatest thinkers in the science community.

"Everything is made up of atoms and we all know atoms vibrate. Each type of specialized cell within your body vibrates at a different frequency. If this vibrational frequency gets off, which it does over time, it can cause mutational changes to take place or heart disease to manifest due to various chemical reactions that occur within the body. The vibration has to be maintained at a healthy frequency to prevent illness–for vibrational medicine is preventing illness, not treating illness."       Eva Herr

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Consultation with Eva

Eva Herr is a certified alternative holistic counselor, and a medical intuitive. She is available for private counseling. As a medical intuitive, she has helped scores of clients become aware of health issues that were developing in their bodies that were unknown to them. Her vast knowledge of alternative health remedies has helped heal many people who were unable to resolve illness through traditional medical practices.
Consultations are done over the phone or in person with equal results. To book a private counseling session with Eva today, click the ‘pay now’ button below. You can contact her directly by phone or email if you would like to set up an appointment time for your session.

Consultation: $250