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About Eva – Biography

Nothing in Eva Herr’s past pointed to how her life would evolve. Working most of her life in legal offices as a litigation paralegal was certainly a black and white world. But all of that was about to change in ways she could never have conceived…

In 1992, a series of events began that would alter her perception of life forever. Her son was kidnapped by her own Mother, she lost her job, became pregnant, and her father died unexpectedly. Life seemed to come crashing down on her, and the weight of these events shoved her into a ‘dark night of the soul’ that brought her to a wholly new place.

As Eva explains, “Unfortunately, it takes something like that most of the time in order for one to understand that the real mission of life is simply submission to God, the Oneness, I AM. You can feel it within you, your frequency begins to raise and you begin to ‘hear.’”

In an other-worldy encounter with her deceased father, truth was revealed to her. That experience brought about a paradigm shift in consciousness that forever changed her life. Emerging from her ‘pit’, Eva discovered new gifts of perception that were completely unknown to her in her former existence. Knowledge of people and energy and healing was pouring in, seemingly implanted in her psyche, and she began helping others with her gift of medical intuition. Her thirst for more knowledge and understanding of what brings about this shift, and how the universe works was seemingly unquenchable.

Eva has written in great detail about the events of her life that created her shift in consciousness and opening of her intuitive ability in her book, “Agape, The Intent of The Soul”, published in 2005.

Eva became a popular talk show hostess on BBS Radio, which gave her the opportunity to engage the minds of today’s top thinkers in the fields of science and consciousness and our human experience. A list of her past interviews reads like a ‘who’s who’ list of luminaries. Eva conducts both her interviews and herself with a raw honesty, devoid of the pitfalls of egotism, that is seldom seen today.

In addition to her internet BBS Radio program, “The Infinite Consciousness,”Eva is a Certified Alternative Holistic Counselor; as such, she works with clients using her encyclopedic knowledge of alternative health remedies, as well as helping them understand how our minds work–enabling them to heal themselves of illnesses they were unable to resolve through traditional medicine. Combining her knowledge of alternative medicine with her intuitive abilities, she has an impressive track record of success.

Eva is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and does private mentoring and counseling, and occasionally travels to conduct workshops, consultations, individual and group mentoring and satsangs.


Contact her at 404-513-2895 or by email (link at right).


Christine Page, MD


Surgeon, President of ISSSEEM, International Society for

the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine and

author, Spiritual Alchemy.  Known as the mystical physician,

she received her medical degree from London University,

she specialized in pediatrics, obstetrics and general practice.

With her vast knowledge of complementary medicine, she

contributed to its widespread acceptance within the

British health care system.


Norm Shealy, MD, PhD


Founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association and a

world-renowned neurosurgeon. He is also the founder of the

Shealy Institute, the original holistic clinic for the management

of pain and stress illnesses, and the Holos Institutes of Health,

a nonprofit foundation dedicated to holistic clinical services and research.


Claude Swanson, PhD

Author of ‘The Synchronized Universe’


Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory

His principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called “Theory of Everything” which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level.  He recently authored “The Synchronized Universe”.


David Feinstein (Energy Psyhcology) and Donna Eden (Energy Medicine) (husband and wife) www.innersource.net A husband and wife team are pioneers in the field of energy medicine.


David, a clinical psychologist, is director of the non-profit Energy Medicine Institute in Ashland, Oregon. He has taught at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Antioch College, and the California School of Professional Psychology.


Donna’s acclaimed book, “Energy Medicine” is without a doubt the handbook for energy medicine.


Burton Goldberg author of  bestseller “Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide”, hailed as the bible of alternative medicine.


Michael Tellinger Scientist, Explorer, Musician, and author of the book  “Slave Species of God”.


Paths in Consciousness

November 1, 2009

Holistic counselor Eva Herr discusses the idea of well-rounded health that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. She tells Theosophical Society of Atlanta attendees how people reaching for this state of health are often able to achieve new heights.