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Agape–The Intent of the Soul

For an intuitive description of your soul and life’s processes through spirituality you will not find a better description than in this book. For your life’s path and the work that you’re meant to do, you will find guidance. This book is life’s handbook to peace–not just in your life, but in the lives of the masses. For Agape, my friend, is what it’s all about.



This book is a great read! Eva tells a story of one person’s search to understand their reality, thereby helping us better understand our own. Thank you, Eva!

–Dannion Brinkley
Author of bestseller Saved By The Light


This is an excellent book for people searching for a meaningful and practical approach to spirituality.  It covers a lot of ground, including practical ones like how to forgive and how to create through the power of intention, and provides answer to many of the questions we all ask ourselves about spiritual reality.  Eva is a gifted medical intuitive and writes with the kind of authority that comes from having ‘seen’ beyond the veil.  I thoroughly recommend this book.

–Colin Tipping
Award Willing Author of Radical Forgiveness


Eva’s book is a must-read for those seeking the path to higher consciousness!  Her intuitive skills have been extremely accurate at predicting future outcomes of important events and health issues that have unfolded in my life.  Eva is extraordinary in her compassion for others and her knowledge regarding consciousness and the emotional aspects of health and disease.  Her channel to higher consciousness would be a great experience for anyone!

–Dr. Mark Neveu
Vice President, Research and Development, Neurological Research Institute,
Former President and CEO, National Foundation of Alternative Medicine,
Co-Chair, Human Health Project, Chief Scientific Officer for NRG Spas,
Honorary Harvard Fellow

Intuitive descriptions of physical reality came long before scientific theories of the universe and had their specific origins and ancient spiritual practices. Eva Herr’s account of her inner explorations of the cosmos make absolutely fascinating reading!

–Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.
Author of bestseller Life After Life


Agape, The Intent of the Soul” is a fascinating and dramatic story of one woman’s path to wisdom. The many hardships and difficulties Eva endured are vivdly narrated.  Her Near Death Experience is riveting, and the growth and knowledge with which she emerged from these experiences is a tribute to the power of the human soul.  Eva teaches the lesson that Christ taught, that universal love, Agape, is the goal and the solution for the human condition. If we can learn to practice Agape, the violence and suffering in the world will vanish, and the world can enter a new age of joy, of paradise on earth.  Eva emerged from her experiences with enhanced psychic abilities and the desire to remind us all that we are powerful, spiritual beings, and the essential lesson for all of us is to love.

–Dr. Claude Swason
Author, The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal,
MIT/Princeton Physicist


Eva Herr’s divinely inspired masterpiece weaves together the cosmic and practical ways of understand our life’s purpose and a pathway to enlightenment.  Embedded in her own, very personal story, you will find “the secrets to the universe.  Read it now!

–Joanie Klar Bruce
Social Architect, Media Producer, Planet Productions,
President, Integrated Sustainable Solutions Foundation